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Argentina Business & Investment Forum, 12-15 September 2016

 Argentina Business & Investment Forum, 12-15 September 2016


The Forum marks Argentina’s return to international markets and will lay out the government's strategies to invigorate key economic areas, empower the private sector and stimulate inclusive, long-term growth.

President Mauricio Macri and many of the Government ministers, together with key investment and business world players will be present at this event.


Attract foreign direct investment that will help drive economic growth and support the creation of local jobs
and opportunities
Demonstrate progress in Argentina’s ambitious economic reform program
Highlight untapped potential and opportunities in Argentina’s key economic sectors
Close financing gaps to support sustainable and inclusive growth
Showcase Argentina’s robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and introduce its leading innovators to a global audience
Firmly position Argentina as an attractive destination on the global investment map
Showcase Argentina’s robust entrepreneurial ecosystems and present its leading innovators to a global audience
(Innovation Day on September 15th)


For more information please visit www.argentinaforum2016.com or click document below to see the Executive Summary.